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Category Archives: Reggae

Interviews with King Barrow

Big Mikey Dread has posted part two of his epic interview session with Steve Barrow over on his Pod-O-Matic site — Barrow is one of the coolest guys ever, and it’s a treat to listen to both what he has to say and the tunes he’s playing.
If those three hours aren’t enough for you, [...]

Silverhawk is back

This message showed up in the comments a few days ago, but it’s worth a post. HAWK!
Many fans and historians of the dancehall sound system genre who have dreamt of a re-launch of the now late Wycliffe “Steely” Johnson created Silverhawk Sound, might see their dream become reality. Early summer 2009 brought a slew of [...]

Federation salutes Steely

I usually keep an eye on Federation Sound’s podcast Federation Invasion just to keep up and latest and greatest new tunes that are coming out. However, last week they went back in time and did a fantastic Steely & Clevie special that is absolutely mandatory listening. Two hours of awesomeness! Check it out here.

Steely RIP

Not too much left to be said about the fact that Steely, one half of production duo Steely & Cleevie, died a few days ago from pneumonia. These guys are two of my favorite producers and their impact on dancehall music should not be underestimated.
Steely played keyboard with The Roots Radics and engineered at Jammy’s [...]

Hollywood Bowl Reggae Night 2009

Well, this happened a couple of weeks ago, but I finally got around to writing something about it. Enjoy.
So I managed to get to the annual reggae night at The Hollywood Bowl this year too. Gregory Isaacs was playing so I thought it would be a good opportunity to see him before he dies. Ironically [...]

Reggae cat luvz teh base

Gimlet enjoying The Revolutionaries’ “Kunta Kinte”.

Time for Major Lazer

I had to obey music blogger rules and go get the Major Lazer album. What’s the worst thing that could happen? I write a snarky review about how these damn kids nowadays don’t understand what good music is and need to get off my lawn, right? No need though, it’s a good record. Not 100% [...]

Everybody move like a robot

I picked up this 45 with the hope that it would be all call for all dance crews to do the Robot, but the lyrics turned out to be more about how modern day people need to slow down and take it easy. Still it’s a pretty tasty piece of vinyl. Released on the label [...]


Don’t miss this sharp mix from the two Swedish soundsystems Rough Lynx and Million Vibes — A Tribute to Augustus ‘Gussie’ Clarke. Some may think the man’s sound is a bit cheesy and too polished, and while that’s true at times Gussie still delivered plenty of amazing tracks. Gregory and Shabba did some of their [...]

Get Three Coffins Ready

It’s simple. I love spaghetti westerns. Any movie that’s got Franco Nero or Lee Van Cleef gunning down Mexican bandits over a Ennio Morricone soundtrack is gold in my book. Director Sergio Leone is the obvious master of course, with the masterpieces in the Dollar trilogy defining the entire genre. But stopping there would be [...]