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Time for Major Lazer

I had to obey music blogger rules and go get the Major Lazer album. What’s the worst thing that could happen? I write a snarky review about how these damn kids nowadays don’t understand what good music is and need to get off my lawn, right? No need though, it’s a good record. Not 100% [...]

Everybody move like a robot

I picked up this 45 with the hope that it would be all call for all dance crews to do the Robot, but the lyrics turned out to be more about how modern day people need to slow down and take it easy. Still it’s a pretty tasty piece of vinyl. Released on the label [...]

New Deadly Dragon fortyfives

Just got my hands on two fresh reissues from Deadly Dragon: Horace Martin’s “Shock Me A Shock” and a version of Papa San’s “Perdemident”. Both are produced by Dennis Star and originally released on the man’s own label.
“Shock Me A Shock” is of course a sweet little sound killer on top of a ridiculously fat [...]

The Rockers Story

Augustus Pablo is my favorite character from the roots reggae movement. His truly humble style always contrasted nicely to the machismo and insanity that’s so common in Jamaican music. And of course, his productions were spectacular: the melodica-laden “Far East Sound”, combining melancholic sounding melodies with heavy basslines aimed straight at the sound systems. Nothing [...]

New books: Deep Down With Dennis Brown

I recently picked up two books that’ll fit the topics here: the Soul Jazz-released “Dancehall – the rise of Jamaican dancehall culture” by Beth Lesser and Penny Reel’s “Deep Down With Dennis Brown”.
Lesser’s new one sure looks fantastic (more about that in a later post), but I’d heard a lot of good about Reel’s D. [...]

Musically Mad

The UK dub soundsystem scene is a strange beast, something of the last stronghold for those obsessed with digital roots and lugging big, big bassbins in and out of community centers around crappy parts of England. Musically Mad is an excellent documentary released earlier this year that opens up some doors to this world.
This is [...]

Various Artists – Top Ten Soundclash

This LP is one of my strangest finds ever. A collection of ten dubplates from different soundsystems, some famous (Stone Love, Metro Media, Jammy’s Super Power) and some forgotten (Wham Disco and Road Star, eh?), with soundclash-style mc-intros and taped noise from an audience added in the background. In some cases there are several second-long [...]

Broader than Hollywood Blvd

It was the annual reggae night at the Hollywood Bowl yesterday. Usually I stay clear of shows that attract too many hippies who think reggae equals Bob Marley’s “Legend” album and nothing else. But this year Barrington Levy – one of my favorite singers – was on the lineup, so it seemed like a good [...]

Swedish Jamaican food

Just back from a couple of weeks vacation in good old Sweden. The dollar is too weak for me to buy any records, but it seems like all the record stores in both Stockholm and Malmo have shut down since I was there last anyway. Not very surprising.
But we had to eat and actually ended [...]

More Dangerous Dub

It may not have been as inventive as the effect-laden stuff from the seventies, but “Dangerous Dub” is one of the heaviest records I know. Originally released in 1981 it featured Jah Screw productions, with King Tubby and Soldgie engineering, and the Roots Radics hammering out the riddims. All completely stripped down drum and bass [...]