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Category Archives: Soundclash

Silverhawk is back

This message showed up in the comments a few days ago, but it’s worth a post. HAWK!
Many fans and historians of the dancehall sound system genre who have dreamt of a re-launch of the now late Wycliffe “Steely” Johnson created Silverhawk Sound, might see their dream become reality. Early summer 2009 brought a slew of [...]

Get Three Coffins Ready

It’s simple. I love spaghetti westerns. Any movie that’s got Franco Nero or Lee Van Cleef gunning down Mexican bandits over a Ennio Morricone soundtrack is gold in my book. Director Sergio Leone is the obvious master of course, with the masterpieces in the Dollar trilogy defining the entire genre. But stopping there would be [...]

Sting 2008

Alright, a new year of course means another Sting clash. This time the main showdown was between Movado and Vybz Kartel, and it seems to have become the most talked-about Sting session since Merciless’ classic win against Ninjaman, Bounty Killer and Beenie Man back in 2000.
From the bad video on YouTube (mainly here), it seems [...]

LA Rumble 2008

I once again missed this year’s LA Rumble, one of the few clashes happening on the west coast. An audio recording of the action is available over at Massive Productions website. Haven’t had time to listen to it yet, but it should be interesting.
By accident I actually ended up at the same venue as where [...]

UK Cup Clash 2008

Got around to catching the audio for the final UK Cup Clash. The line-up was the usual suspects, with one big exception: Killamanjaro was in, with good old Ricky Trooper at the helm. Can’t beat that combo, right?
Well, actually you can. Trooper played some classics but then ran into the typical “technical difficulties that we [...]

Vintage Tribute

I haven’t been able to figure out what the actual line-up is for next weeks final installment of Death Before Dishonour. Probably something like Black Kat, Mighty Crown, and Bass Odyssey. More promising is the “Vintage Tribute” that will open the night, with Jammy’s, Black Scorpio, Downbeat and Rodigan playing together. That should be some [...]

Game Over

After the painful experience of watching the Swedish team get beaten by the USA at the Home Depot Center here in LA last weekend (2-0, dammit) I’ve decided to switch focus back to my favorite sport: soundclash. So I dug up a copy of the audio from World Clash 2007 – Game Over, a [...]

Dancehall Clash of the Century

Found this double-DVD set recently, a recording of a huge clash that went down at the Brixton Academy in April 1989, arranged by Lloyd Coxone of London’s Sir Coxone Outanational. It’s all in the eighties style — not many dubplates, but more of a showdown between the deejays on sixteen(!) different sounds. There’s some entertaining [...]

Another vintage clash

I’ve been out of the loop for a while, but it seems like the soundclash between Jammy’s, Black Scorpio and Killamanjaro in New York two weeks ago went well. Old man Jack Scorpio supposedly took every single round, even though Jaro temporarily had Ricky Trooper back at the helm.
There’s some controversy about who actually ended [...]

UK Cup 2007

Alright, just finished listening to the broadcast of this year’s cup, so here we go. The two sounds I was most interested in seeing square off, Sound Trooper and King Addies, dropped out during the first two rounds. Well, Trooper usually is hit and miss, and as far as Addies goes, American sounds seem to [...]