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Monthly Archives: April 2006

Rhythm & Sound : SMY Remixes #2

Rhythm & Sound
SMY Remixes #2
12″, Burial Mix, 2006
Guess I’m a little late on this one, part three in the series was released just last week. I need to go to Amoeba more often. Just like volume 1 this is a 12″ containing three remixes of material from Rhythm & Sound’s “See mi Yah” release, [...]

Dr Who
So does anybody have a copy of “The Mysterious Planet” ?

Easter update

So it seems like Rodigan actually won over Downbeat last night. I for one can’t wait to get hold of a recording of the clash, or even better a DVD.
Death Before Dishonor 6 will broadcasted on 1Xtra Monday the 24th, at 10 PM UK time. More info here. Let’s hope Roddy keeps up his winning [...]

UK Cup results

Every night is – literally – a soundclash this weekend. I just listened to BBC’s replay of the UK Cup from last week. The showdown between Rodigan and Downbeat goes down in NYC in a matter of hours and on Monday it’s Death Before Dishonor 6 in MoBay, Jamaica. Exciting stuff.
So what about the UK [...]

Almost time for the UK Cup

The UK Cup Clash will go down in London this Saturday, the 7th. Looking at the line-up it actually could be interesting. We’ve got Trooper, Bass Odyssey, LP, last year’s champions Mighty Crown and the World Clash winners Sentinel, as well as UK representation from King Tubby’s (a veteran UK sound if I remember [...]

Mighty Crown – Crown Jugglaz Revolution

Mighty Crown
Crown Jugglaz Revolution
CD, 2006
Two things you really can’t go wrong with:
1. Free stuff
2. Anything related to The A-Team TV-show
Mighty Crown’s latest mix CD manages to score on both of these factors. First, they’re giving it away over at the Irish & Chin website. Free as in beer. Second, the mix starts with an intro [...]