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Monthly Archives: May 2006

Before the Legend

Spent a couple of nights last week reading “Before the Legend – the rise of Bob Marley”, a pretty recent biography covering the years before Marley became a world famous superstar. I have to admit I’m not much of a fan, so I picked it up hoping for some good stories about Studio 1 and [...]

LA Rumble 2006

Well, me and the wife headed home just after the stage got rushed and punches started flying, so I can’t tell you who won in the end or if they deserved it. The first round was pretty good. I’d say that Tazmania played the most solid set but JFX got the most forwards (with, eh…, [...]

Heroes of the Digital Era

I was wondering why I was getting all those hits from a MySpace account. Some digging revealed that this guy has “borrowed” my photo of the Tempo 45. Luckily he’s written some really cool articles about artists from the digital era to make up for it. Danmark styr, for satan.