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Monthly Archives: June 2006

Sizzla – Waterhouse Redemption

Waterhouse Redemption
CD, Greensleeves, 2006
No, of course I haven’t really cared about anything Sizzla has released since “Black Woman & Child”, but reading about this album actually made me interested enough to check it out. Mainly because it’s all produced by King Jammy, so I was hoping for less cheese than, say, the latest from Don [...]

It's good to be the king

VP are about to release a nice looking set of Jammy’s eighties digital productions entitled “King At The Controls”. Nothing really new as far as tunes go but they’re promising a bonus DVD with an “original 60 minute retrospective biography with 2006 King Jammy interview. Extensive archival footage, interviews with artists, production crew and family [...]


Wayne Marshall – 101 Ways To Kill Satan
Cocoa Tea – Burn Satan
Success All Stars – Doctor Satan Echo Chamber
Junior Kelly – Go Down Satan
Capleton – God Mi Love We Nuh Love Satan
Courtney Melody – Satan
Shabba Ranks – Satan
Black Uhuru – Satan Army Band
Ethiopians – Satan Boy
Don Carlos – Satan Control Them
Captain Barkey – Satan Go [...]

Greensleeves, Anti-splicing, Straight To The Head

This press release is interesting. Greensleeves got bought by something called the Zest Group back in March and the new bosses are explaining their plans. “Currently Greensleeves produces a number of compilations on vinyl, a lucrative area of the reggae and dance markets, and the Directors intend to increase production of vinyl compilations” does [...]