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Monthly Archives: August 2006

Super Ape

Super-Ape is a mighty talking Ape with a caveman style outfit from the planet Krypton. Deeply troubled by Jor-El’s prediction that Krypton was going to explode, the Kryptonian scientist Shir Kan decided to build experimental rockets as a way for he and other Kryptonians to escape before the Krypton blew up. In order to test [...]

Under mi fat ting

I was just about to write a rant on how annoying it is that the only place in the US that sells Riddim Magazine is Barnes & Noble. But then I noticed that Turntable Lab actually stocks it, so next time I won’t have to trek to the mall to find a copy. Excellent. If [...]

Stage Show riddim

Baby Cham – Rude Boy Pledge
Pinchers – Enemies
Assassin – Good Over Evil
3 x 7″, Madhouse, 2006
Between my vacation, a new batch of old Killamanjaro tapes and those Greensleeves mp3’s I can’t say I’ve had any time to pay attention to new music in a while. But there’s of course one thing that can get me [...]

Greensleeves 12"

A while back I got hold of a big pile of the classic Greensleeves twelve inches in digital format. I haven’t had time to listen to everything but here’s my top ten so far (Junior Pumpkin = awesome name). Finding them on vinyl will be a more difficult project.
Half Pint – One In A Million [...]