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Monthly Archives: October 2006

Magazine scans

Spicey just sent me a file full of scans he’s done of reggae related magazine articles from ‘81 – ‘83 and I though I’d put it up here for download.
There’s stuff picked from Black Echoes, including interviews with Yellowman and Little John, and full scans of swedish zines like Dread Music and Heta Pulser. Plus [...]

New records

Or reasonably new records at least.
I’ve been a fan of Snowcone’s productions since back when he released “Rice & Peas” (2001 maybe?). For a while he seemed to be the only person in dancehall keeping minimalism and hard electro alive when everybody else was releasing that happy soca stuff. But I think I’ll stay clear [...]


Computer Style knows how to use computers. I just upgraded my version of WordPress and added a nice little gadget to keep the spammers out. Everything looks ok so far.

Deutches e-cläsh

Yes, we’re in the middle of the fine site’s annual Internet clash. Out of the 50 sounds that entered round one last week twenty remain standing. Voting for round two is open until Friday. Head over here to listen to the latest set of dubplates and pick your choice.
The best german soundsystem names:

Fred and [...]

From the New York area

Been back from New York for a couple of days – “one of my top five cities”, to quote the week’s dumbest in-joke. Besides eating great steak and doing random tourist stuff I got my reggae fix taken care of by visiting Deadly Dragon’s store on the lower east side on Saturday morning. They’re friendly [...]