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Monthly Archives: November 2006

Riddim Soundclash 2006

The Riddim Clash is German reggae magazine Riddim’s annual soundclash. I like their setup. They avoid a lot of the problems other soundclashes have by staying away from dumb rules and limitations. There are no rounds where you can only play certain types of songs and this year they even didn’t care if anyone played [...]

Vinyl Nerd Salute

A record collector’s thumbs up for Sleeve City. I got two boxes of their clear LP outer sleeves and poly lined inner sleeves in the mail last week. Forty years from now my grandkids will thank them when they discover the unspoiled treasures that are the old man’s reggae collection.

Street Level Mixes

Got an email from Street Level Soundsystem, out of Australia, with links to three promo mixes they have done. “Welcome to Street Level” and “Rude Boy Skill” both juggle bashment riddims from the last year or two, and “Live By The Gun” is strictly soundkilling business. Gunman lyrics and some good dubplates. Download all three.
Welcome [...]