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Monthly Archives: February 2007

Deadly Dragon 2 Years

Got this email from Deadly Dragon. Wish I was in NYC:
Wednesday, February 28th is our massive 2 year anniversary BLOW-out with special guests Tony Screw – Down Beat the Ruler, Ranking Joe, Carlton Livingstone, Johnny Osbourne and Devon Clarke. It is at Happy Ending (302 Broome Street) and it starts at 10pm. Admission [...]

Dem seh WAR!

The most important soundclash of 2007? John Eden vs Paul Meme, all on the Answer riddim. Check out the entries here and here.
My money is on Eden for playing the track that got sampled by SL2 on “On a ragga tip”.


The Grammys 2007 were a real showdown between some of the most relevant reggae artists today. Ziggy Marley! Matisyahu! One of Sly & Robbie’s weird instrumental albums! And most importantly – UB-40!
Luckily the jury recognized the Marley last name. Keep Buju out of there.

Ruff in da Jungle bizniz

When digging thru my records I found something I totally forgot about: “The Ultimate Jungle Collection”, a double CD loaded with fine old school jungle. I remember paying about $2 for it in a bargain bin somewhere. Or was it this one that Hasse bought a pile of and was giving away to people he [...]