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Monthly Archives: March 2007

Ranking Ann, Darker Shade and Marley boys

This Sunday’s trip to Amoeba didn’t only bring back some Dave Brubeck and that compilation of Los Angeles harsh-noise, but also:
Ranking Ann – A Piece Of English Toast (LP)
Classic British rub-a-dub, nicely re-released by Ariwa on LP. Originally it goes back to 1982, so this piece of vinyl must have been one of the first [...]

Dub Plate Insurance?

Hate him all you want – anyone remotely interested in the soundclash business still needs to keep an eye on the blog belonging to Chin – half of Irish & Chin, and the promoter behind World Clash.
His latest entry is interesting. Basically the idea, cooked up by Vybez Kartel, is that soundsystems should be able [...]

Various Artists – Megamix Vol 2 – Miss Ivy

Various Artists
Mega mix vol 2 : Miss Ivy
LP, VP Records, 1995
“Dem dis Waterhouse man, dem inna problem.”
Mid-nineties gunman lyrics at its absolute peak and most likely the best $0.99 I ever spent (the LP is on serious sale at Ernie B’s.) Your hard earned dollar will get you a one-riddim album based around Bounty [...]