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Monthly Archives: April 2007

Dread Meets Punk Rockers

I recently added “Culture Clash – Dread Meets Punk Rockers” to my reggae library. This is the autobiography of Don Letts, most well-known as the guy who got the London punk rockers into reggae. Letts, British-born with immigrant Jamaican parents, would DJ at the Roxy, the main hang-out for punkers like John Lydon and the [...]

Chinese Rude Boys

On rotation lately in the Computer Style office:
Chinese Assassin – Death Is Certain
The latest full-on juggling CD from this team of remixers (who are unrelated to Black Chiney, apparently). The segment on the Power Cut riddim is the most exciting part, collecting a good number of the disses that have been going back and forth [...]

UK Cup 2007

Alright, just finished listening to the broadcast of this year’s cup, so here we go. The two sounds I was most interested in seeing square off, Sound Trooper and King Addies, dropped out during the first two rounds. Well, Trooper usually is hit and miss, and as far as Addies goes, American sounds seem to [...]

Soundclash season

This is the time of year for the big annual soundclashes. Last week Mighty Crown took home the Death Before Dishonour trophy in Jamaica. The most dramatic incident from that clash seems to be that Bass Odyssey’s mic-master Squingy fell off the stage and broke his leg.
The UK Cup 2007 goes down this Saturday in [...]

The Living Fire

I’ve been listening to Chuck Fenda’s new album “The Living Fire” for the last few days, and have to say that I like it. Fenda — with the tag-line “The Poor People’s Defenda” — is one of those guys who have gone from being a small time dancehall artist to discovering religion and turning Rastafarian, [...]

Dread Fights

Recent action captured at YardFlex:
Bang! Sounds the bell – with no hesitation Luton Fyah rushed Anthony B – one straight right – guess who drop pon di ground? Nuh Luton Fyah, 8, 9, 10 and he’s out cold and the champion is Mr. Anthony B.
People mi hear seh when Luton Fyah drop, dem think [...]