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Monthly Archives: June 2007

The Box

Deadly Dragon introduced this nice little piece of hardware to the stuff available from their store today. An analog siren box that will turn you into Jah Shaka right there in your living room. I want one.

Scalp dem

Mi tek di money and di gold and burn di wagon. Brush up John Wayne, and di one Lee Van.

TV and radio

The mp3 kings at Disco Belle pointed me to a show Vice Magazine’s online TV-station VBS has done about the dancehall scene in Jamaica. Check out all the episodes here. Some cool footage and interviews, and slightly annoying in that typical Vice way.
I can’t stand the reggae show on Indie 103, but I was listening [...]

Extra Classic

Been listening to Gregory Isaac’s “Extra Classic” non-stop since yesterday. Trojan originally released the remastered version of this record about two years ago, but I never picked it up back then. They only added the dub versions to the CD – no real vinyl nerd can support that.
But the whole set has showed up on [...]

The Emperor

Looking for a way to shake those ideas of joining the Rastafarian church? Let me then recommend the book I just finished – Polish journalist Ryszard Kapuscinski’s “The Emperor.”
Here’s the pitch: In 1974, two years after the military coup that deposed Haile Selassie from power, Kapuscinski visited Ethiopia and interviewed a number of servants and [...]

Another vintage clash

I’ve been out of the loop for a while, but it seems like the soundclash between Jammy’s, Black Scorpio and Killamanjaro in New York two weeks ago went well. Old man Jack Scorpio supposedly took every single round, even though Jaro temporarily had Ricky Trooper back at the helm.
There’s some controversy about who actually ended [...]