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Monthly Archives: July 2007

Spammers fi dead

Alright, now I’ve upgraded to a proper Captcha to keep the comments under control here. It’s ugly but will hopefully mean less spam for me to deal with (and it helps decipher some old books or something too).

Who Cork The Dance?

New mp3-blog that looks great. Heavy, heavy foundation soundsystem tapes –

BaF Forum Feed

One of the most annoying things on the good old Internets are those sites that change but don’t have any kind of RSS feed. I prefer to keep an eye on stuff using my feed reader instead of having to actually go places. What can I say, it’s not 2005 anymore.
Take the Blood and Fire [...]

Dancehall Clash of the Century

Found this double-DVD set recently, a recording of a huge clash that went down at the Brixton Academy in April 1989, arranged by Lloyd Coxone of London’s Sir Coxone Outanational. It’s all in the eighties style — not many dubplates, but more of a showdown between the deejays on sixteen(!) different sounds. There’s some entertaining [...]