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Monthly Archives: August 2007

Hawaiian Reggae

I just got back from spending the last few days vacationing in Hawaii. A great place of course, and it was interesting to hear that the pacific islanders have adopted reggae as their main form of music. Reggae run through that Blackwellian marketing filter of being music created by jam-bands rather than soundsystem engineers and [...]

Bad Weather

Gregory Isaacs – Storm
Bounty Killer – Raging Storm
Three Tops – It’s Raining
Wickerman - Bad Weather
Trinity – Weatherman Cap
Delroy Wilson – Rain From The Skies
Sizzla – Thunder Roll
Mad Cobra - Rain Check

Wax Poetics #24

The latest issue of Wax Poetics is out now, featuring a piece I’ve written about Early B’s “Visit of King Selassie”. Plus a lot of other good stuff about disco, funk and so on. Go pick it up.

Movado – Gangsta For Life

For me, Movado has single-handedly revived dancehall. I thought the genre would never recover from the constant stream of eurotechno-sounding “Passa Passa”-hits from Matterhorn & co, so this guy’s over-the-top gangsterism has been a real relief. Of course, he can’t really sing, but has a style with a certain Tenor Sawish quality to it — [...]