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Monthly Archives: October 2007

Dance inna Tokyo (and Kyoto)

Of course, checking out some of the local reggae events while in Japan was a must. We started out in the old city of Kyoto, mainly a place to go visit if you’re interested in Japanese history. “There are temples for days there”, a friend of mine put it.
All good, but when you’re done with [...]

Shibuya Reggae City

We spent most of the time in Tokyo around the Shibuya area. This part of town is more or less a gigantic shopping mall for the Japanese kids, with flashing neon lights, music blasting everywhere and a billion people heading to or from the subway all the time. Thanks to some advice and a couple [...]

Finland goes digital

But first thing’s first. Got an email from Finnish selector Ville Geitel, who’s put together Digitalick — a nice mix of early digital tracks. Definitely worth checking out. Download it from here, and check the tracklisting here.

Japanese Style

Just got back from Tokyo a few days ago. They’re definitely crazy about their reggae over there, and I found a lot of great stuff. I’ll try to write a couple of posts about the Japanese scene over the next week or two. Keep posted.