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Monthly Archives: November 2007

The Death of Vinyl

The round up of the best dancehall 2007 on Pitchfork contains some interesting thoughts from the Heatwave guys about the inevitable death of Jamaican vinyl. New music has started to be released in digital format only, and fortyfives are getting rarer and rarer. This made me think it’s time for a “the future of music” [...]

The Green Inferno

Spent the afternoon listening to an old Stur Mars tape, and found Tenor Saw delivering these lyrics:
“Down a Westmoreland, mi seh man a nyan man. Cook up man flesh with banana and yam. And drink man blood until dem belly go bang. Whooah-yeah.”
I know they got good sensi out there in Westmoreland, but I’m [...]

Japanese mix-CDs

Time for the third, and probably final, part in the Japanese odyssey. If I haven’t made myself clear so far it’s like this: dancehall reggae is really popular over there. For example, I went to Tower Records in Shibuya (which claims to be the world’s biggest record store, but I think Amoeba in Hollywood has [...]