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Monthly Archives: January 2008

Scotch Bonnet

Here’s a good discovery thanks to the latest podcast from the Soundclash Reggae Radio crew: the Mary Jane riddim, recently released on Scotch Bonnet, a label based somewhere in Scotland. With this production they bring back the unique digital sound of Unity Records, best known from the Honest Jon’s compilation “Watch How The People Dancing” [...]

Game Over

After the painful experience of watching the Swedish team get beaten by the USA at the Home Depot Center here in LA last weekend (2-0, dammit) I’ve decided to switch focus back to my favorite sport: soundclash. So I dug up a copy of the audio from World Clash 2007 – Game Over, a [...]

MLK birthday bash

Dan asked me for tips about reggae songs that pay tribute to Martin Luther King. I spent some time trying to come up with a few, but it’s much harder than I thought. If I remember right there’s a cut on the Saxon live recording “Coughing Up Fire” where one of the deejays (Daddy Colonel?) [...]

New records

A new package of stuff to nerd out over arrived the other day:
Alborosie – “Kingston Town” and “Sound Killer”, 7″
About time I started paying more attention to the Italian stallion. This guy is a both a good deejay and a talented producer. Of course both of these fortyfives owe quite a lot to what Stephen [...]

The Real Poison Dart

2008 starts off with some interesting things from the good old Bug on Ninja Tune – Poison Dart featuring Warrior Queen. The video can be found on YouTube (here) and shows some nice progress in the man’s sound, with lyrics that seem to be a full on tribute to Ninjaman.
And there’s some good gossip [...]