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Monthly Archives: March 2008

An England Story

You have to hand it to Soul Jazz and the Heatwave crew for taking this on. Documenting the history of the mc in the UK through a compilation album is a tough task. I mean, no studio tracks by the Saxon mcs will be as exciting as “Coughing Up Fire” or other old soundtapes. I’m [...]

Don Corleone, reality show star

Realtime blogging! “Vendetta” Bennett just showed up on that “Finding the next Pussycat Doll” show. He’s apparently been called in to produce some track that sounds like crap.
Hmm, isn’t House on tonight?

Vintage Tribute

I haven’t been able to figure out what the actual line-up is for next weeks final installment of Death Before Dishonour. Probably something like Black Kat, Mighty Crown, and Bass Odyssey. More promising is the “Vintage Tribute” that will open the night, with Jammy’s, Black Scorpio, Downbeat and Rodigan playing together. That should be some [...]

Woofah #2

The second issue of the great Woofah is just out, featuring all the dancehall, grime and dubstep you could ever want. On paper! Yours truly is involved too — see if you can spot my review.
Order your copy from (and do it right now cause they go quickly).

New records: Barry and the Bug

Barry Brown – Juks And Watch – 7″
Classic track on the “Get a lick” / “Billie Jean” riddim, repressed on the Time 1 International label. Even includes the correct dub version on the B-side! Roots Radics heaviness.
Three new Greensleeves 12″ reissues
I’m working on a theory right now that Style Scott and Flabba Holt are in [...]

Political showdown

I’m not really the kind of guy to buy into lofty ideas about “hope” and “change” and stuff. But hey, now that Obama’s got the man like Ganja Tea in his corner I guess I will have to throw in my support too — listen to the song here. Now, where are those anti-Clinton specials?

Fat Bankroll-boken

Here’s one for the Swedish massive. The rest of you are missing out…

Jag och mina kollegor på det gamla nätfanzinet Fat Bankroll — — har till slut lyckats avsluta evighetsprojektet att samla ihop de bästa av våra artiklar i bokform. Kalaset trycks hos och kan beställas här.
Allt i allt så är det 452 [...]