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Monthly Archives: April 2008

UK Cup Clash 2008

Got around to catching the audio for the final UK Cup Clash. The line-up was the usual suspects, with one big exception: Killamanjaro was in, with good old Ricky Trooper at the helm. Can’t beat that combo, right?
Well, actually you can. Trooper played some classics but then ran into the typical “technical difficulties that we [...]

Danger Hilton

So you feel like The Bug sold out? That DJ Scud has started making easy-listening pop records? Then it’s time to head up to grim northern Sweden for the fine Rastafarian power electronics stylings of Danger Hilton ( They sound something like the bastard child of William Bennett and Peter Tosh.
These guys are clearly nuts, [...]

Bad Boy Patrol

The best reissue so far from the Deadly Dragon camp comes in the form of an obscure track I had never heard before: Daddy Freddy’s “Bad Boy Patrol”.
Produced by none other than the mighty Fatis Burrell, but far from the neo-roots we love that guy for. This one is much earlier, from back in 1987, [...]

Mavado sells video games

Mad props to the riddim master DJ Algonquin for pointing me to the trailer for the new Grand Theft Auto game, which features Mavado’s old track “The Real McCoy”. The vocals have the phrase “Liberty City” added so they must have been recut especially for the game. That’s what we call a successful dubplate business.
Wait [...]

Podcasts a gwaan

I was listening to pieces of Who Cork The Dance?’s easter special while fighting with the Weblogic server today, and it made the whole process almost pleasant. Make sure you check out these monumental seven hours, especially the Jammy’s segment — it’s got John Wayne over the Sleng Teng riddim played in “slow motion style” [...]