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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Musically Mad

The UK dub soundsystem scene is a strange beast, something of the last stronghold for those obsessed with digital roots and lugging big, big bassbins in and out of community centers around crappy parts of England. Musically Mad is an excellent documentary released earlier this year that opens up some doors to this world.
This is [...]

Mi toil part time at Jah Coldstone Creamery

Have you ever noticed how baldheads suck?

Various Artists – Top Ten Soundclash

This LP is one of my strangest finds ever. A collection of ten dubplates from different soundsystems, some famous (Stone Love, Metro Media, Jammy’s Super Power) and some forgotten (Wham Disco and Road Star, eh?), with soundclash-style mc-intros and taped noise from an audience added in the background. In some cases there are several second-long [...]

Bargain hunter

Seriously, the Miss Ivy Megamix LP now goes for 20 cents at Ernie B’s. I know we’re in an economic crisis and all, but this is getting ridiculous.

Punk rock

My wife found this the other day on the LA Times music blog, and it was weird enough to jerk me out my blogging coma. Check it out: Cutty Ranks over the bassline from Black Flag’s “Six Pack”.
Funny how close Dukowski is to just knocking out the Sleng Teng riddim. The mastermind behind this is [...]