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Everybody move like a robot

Big Toe's Hifi

I picked up this 45 with the hope that it would be all call for all dance crews to do the Robot, but the lyrics turned out to be more about how modern day people need to slow down and take it easy. Still it’s a pretty tasty piece of vinyl. Released on the label belonging to Edinburgh’s Big Toe’s Hifi soundsystem, you can kinda put it in the same pile as the stuff coming out The Scotch Bonnet crew or the digital madness the Jahtari guys are cooking up.

Production-wise “Everybody move like a robot” is pretty much the Hot Milk riddim with a pile of other stuff on top — slow Led Zeppelin-sounding breakbeats, random horns and of course lyrics done with a robot voice. Overall it gives me the feeling that this is what a Fatboy Slim reggae-song would sound like. If you think that’s a good or bad verdict is up to you I guess. No minimalism here at least.

Looking closer it turns out “Everybody move like a robot” is actually the b-side, and the main track is a hiphop number that’s pretty competent but not as entertaining.

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